Thursday, March 26, 2009

Audrey at The Nines

Audrey, originally uploaded by blister gone.

Our friends are in town this weekend, and they just happened to be staying at the Nines, a place we've been looking at for wedding photos. We ended up going up a bit to check it a bit.

We went into the library, and I immediately thought of a shot done by Parker Pfister, one of my favorite wedding/portrait photographers. I had Audrey be my wonderful model on the leather couch for me. It turned out quite good!

Natural/dim light, 35mm f/2, ISO 6400.


  1. ooo never heard of the nines before!
    my fave wedding photographer is max wanger, not that we could ever afford him but i heart his style

  2. ah, max wanger, the balloon shot guy. i haven't looked at his work yet but i've heard of his name from lots of people!