Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Modeling in China

Modeling in China, originally uploaded by blister gone.

Eric has decided to quit his job, quit photography, quit Oregon, and move to China to do modeling.

"Opportunity comes a knocking, and I'm a going." says Eric. "I'm mostly excited about going to McDonald's overseas to try some FANtastic!"

Fan, which means rice in Chinese, replaces the standard buns on the burger, giving it an Asian flare. It is a play on words.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

"This particular picture of me shows the deep side of me, because it shows that I know how to read. The reading of my empty hands are symbolic in that I really don't know how to read, but only pretending."

The Chinese characters directly above Eric are the characters for Read Art. The picture as a whole is a paradox.

Eric will be moving to China next month to teach modeling and bring bungee jumping to the masses.

"It's good for the kids and their pets."

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