Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm in a BOX!

This is abnormal (in more ways than one), but I have done a mini shoot up in the middle of the week. The topic this time around was, "Body part in a cardboard box." The picture above was the first thing that popped into my head.

Obviously I took several pictures and did a composite in Photoshop. The set up was quite simple: 1.) Set up boxes 2.) Take picture of box on tripod 3.) Take picture of self as close as possible to boxes on timer 4.) Erase/Mask unneeded parts.

The important thing is that you use identical lighting in all of your shots. This makes things a lot easier. The shot above was with a SB-800 with a shoot through umbrella camera left. Shot in commander mode at ISO 800 1/15th at f/8.

Also, if you want to do any adjustments, do adjustments on one picture, then synchronize settings across all images before working on the composite, this will save you a lot of work.

Here is my friend Steve's take on the subject.

I also went to the Portland Japanese Garden today, but I will save that for another day. (Don't expect much because I'm terrible at landscape work)


  1. that is CRAZY looking!

  2. haha this is awesomez!! i like the subtle peace sign!

  3. I believe that's what'd happen to you if Audrey ever find out that...whoa almost said too much

  4. Ooh! Fun!! You should let us select your photoshoot subject for next time.

    My pick would be:

    Chocolate = love

  5. Batteries not included, some assembly required...