Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jillisa and Ricky Impromptu

Remember this post? Well, we met up with our friends Jillisa and Ricky the other night and it turns out they saw and loved the picture of Audrey from "Don't forget!" We were in the area eating at Sushi Land in the Pearl that night, so we figured we can go up and replicate that shot with them.

Many things different that night. I shot the picture of Audrey with my 85mm, but I left that at home (long story about my back injuries and minimizing weight on my shoulder). Another thing, Paper Source had actually closed for the night, so the store was extra dim. On top of all that, there were now two people instead of just one. Plus my little 35mm /f2 was one stop slower than the 85.

Hmm, challenges. We shot a couple at super high iso, which was even hitting the limit of my super awesome Nikon D700. I was shooting at 1/80s, f/2, @ ISO 6400 at one point. It was crazy dark.

Then I thought to myself, "Argh, if only I brought a flash with me." Then, to my amazement, I realized I really might have my flash with me. It was in my lighting bag in my trunk from the last shoot. Score.

I had my lovely assistant Audrey hold the flash off camera for me. I was too lazy to bust out my umbrella or softbox (plus I only had one light, and I needed lots of coverage) so I just left my diffuser on and shot with that. Plus, big light source with a window in the background would be very difficult to control. You can see the flash in the window already. I think a grid from above and umbrella/softbox for fill from below would have done nicely. But alas, one light, so I did what I could. Feel free to donate some money for my second speedlight :)

Anyway, we had them pose and shot a few frames. I think it turned out quite nice for the limitations we had. What do you think?

Jillisa and Ricky-0002